Faivre Group


“Founded in 1958, FAIVRE Group designs, manufactures and markets high quality machines for the aquaculture industry. FAIVRE is today the leading French manufacturer of aquaculture equipment and one of the world leaders in its sector of activity.”

Continual Innovation

FAIVRE has invested in research & development and continues to do so. Innovation through new products allows the company to stand out from its competitors and to attract new customers every year. Our policy is based on the continuous improvement of our customers’ productivity and the comfort of use of the machines.

Strong experience

FAIVRE has been committed to delivering high-performance, robust and reliable machines for over 60 years. In partnership with customers, we participate in the development of machines in the field, it enables us to produce the best suited machines for fish farmers. Thanks to regular contacts in the field, user feedback is taken into account to offer you tailor-made solutions. This allows us to deliver operational machines from their first start-up.

Worlwide distribution

“FAIVRE has a competent and reliable network all over the world. Our network is working over the 5 continents allowing us to react quickly to requests and to follow up our customers as closely as possible, all over the world.
FAIVRE Group is now exporting in more than 80 countries, with 85% of its business realised overseas.”

Meet our Team

FAIVRE has surrounded itself with a competent and willing team. Each member of the team has a role within this family structure and thus ensures you a complete and personalised follow-up at each step. Your satisfaction is at the heart of our concerns.

  • A reactive and multilingual sales department at your service
  • A design office with a perfect knowledge of fluid modelling & simulation
  • Expert technicians in their discipline
  • A qualified logistics service, ensuring the delivery of your goods all around the world
  • A reactive after-sales service, always able to provide you with a solution.


“At the origin of this creation is Claude FAIVRE. In the 1950s, Claude Faivre was a miller and then a fish farmer. Over the years, his business grew and the work became more and more difficult. Mr Faivre created the first automatic trout grading machine, the Calibromatic. The mechanizations foundations of fish farming were in motion.”

“In 1961, he started his business in the family mills workshop. Very quickly, the 300m² structure became too small. In 1973, Claude FAIVRE decided to set up his company in Baume-Les-Dames and built an 800m² factory, which today covers 7000m². From the beginning of the 1960s, the former grader met with great success in France and beyond the borders. The first fish graders were sold in France, Germany and Italy, exports have always been one of the company’s main drivers. 1985, Claude Faivre was even awarded with the National Order of Merit by François Mitterrand for his dynamism in exports. Sixty years later, more than 80% of the company’s annual turnover is generated abroad.

In 2006, Claude FAIVRE started to design a new machine and designed a 6″” fish pump. This pump is the last one that the founder of the company will design, and it is a success! In 2012, the 6” fish pump is commercialized, followed by the 8”, 2,5”, and finally the 10”. The fish pump has played a key role in the development of the family business, indeed, FAIVRE Group becomes a major player in the live fish pumps manufacture.”

FAIVRE is at this time the only company to offer a complete range of grading packs for fish farms with sizes in between 0.5g and 3.5 kg. This makes FAIVRE Group one of the world leaders in its branch.

Experience acquired over the years



Claude FAIVRE succeeded in relaying his knowledge and his passion for his work to his children.
Today, surrounded by a team of 40 people, 5 of his 6 children, including Frederic and Jean-Louis, the co-managers, put their knowledge at your service.


Our team is here to meet all your needs at every stage.


Qualified employees, modern and efficient design and production equipment: 3D machine design, digitally controlled lathes and folding machines, latest generation laser cutting, etc. After being designed by the design office and then cut and folded by our production teams, all the parts are mounted in the assembly workshop. Each device is assembled and then tested in our pond to ensure a quality machine that meets all the expected characteristics. In parallel, all the electrical installations (cabinet, cable section) of the machines are designed and checked by our team of electricians.

Launch of prototypes and field tests before production start up

FAIVRE Group has a team of draftsmen and designers constituting the Design Office. Their know-how is used in the design of machines on 3D modelling software. Our prototypes are then tested on the field, with partner customers. Thanks to these partnerships and to feedback from users, Faivre Group is able to produce the most suitable machines for fish farmers. Reliable, robust, efficient and easy to use machines.