Interview with Damir Mislov, boat captain at RZ OMEGA 3, a fishing cooperative in Croatia!

Why did you choose FAIVRE products?

Our fishing cooperative OMEGA 3 chose FAIVRE products following a study carried out on our boats to improve fishing through new technological solutions.
Therefore, FAIVRE provided us with a fish pump and a water separator for a period of one month to test the equipment directly on our boats, for pelagic fishing in the Adriatic Sea.
The members of the cooperative were amazed by this innovative solution, called “marine pumps”.

What benefits have you gained from using FAIVRE products?

Thanks to the FAIVRE fish pumps, which we now use on our boats, our working methods have changed radically and the advantages we get from them are real:

  • more flexibility and speed of execution on the boat.
  • staff safety compared to the old method
  • better quality fish, thanks to the elimination of damage factors due to the handling of the fish.
  • more fluidity, fast loading of fish with uninterrupted transmission of the net to the filling tanks, thanks to the pump.

– Damir Mislov , RZ OMEGA 3

Equipment used: Fish pump + Dewatering hopper
Types of fishes: Pelagic blue fish (sardines, herring, mackerel…)