AQUASUB is a hydro-ejector combining water masses aeration and circulation. Used in freshwater lakes or ponds, it provides the essential and necessary oxygen to fish’s life. Simple in design and very robust in construction, our equipment can be used in all situations.

The Aquasub can be used in many cases:

– For aeration and destratification of lakes, ponds
– For the descaling of oversaturated water with gas, etc…

A complete range of Aquasub with 5 power ratings from 0.37kW to 4kW is available.

Aerators – Aquasub Aerator

Product description

High performance

A special depressurised turbine rotating at 3000 rpm is attached to the motor shaft extremity. The air coming through the guiding tube is sucked into the propeller centre by the VENTURI effect. The air mixed with the water is diffused in the water stream in micro-bubbles and directed to the pond depth. The quantity of transferred oxygen is optimal as the micro bubbles have a very long lifetime in the pushed water volume.

Practical and economical benefits

ADVANTAGES: A water flow rich in oxygen
– Reduces fish mortality due to lack of oxygen
– Prevention of phytoplankton (cyanophyceae) and weed growth.
– Biodegradation (by aerobic bacteria) of organic pollutants held in suspension.
– An increase in fish density, growth rate and health.
– Circulation and mixing of water masses
– Destratification of water bodies, lakes, ponds…
– In winter, can be used to keep a part of the water open.
– Compact, mobile unit
– Low noise level
– Very simple and low cost installation
– Discreet and floating unit (no level adjustment)
– Maintenance free (no greasing)
– Self-cleaning strainer

Aerators – Aquasub Aerator


  • Air suction by venturi effect with silencer (option)
  • Rotomolded polyethylene float
  • IP67 stainless steel submersible motor (speed 3000rpm)
  • Stainless steel strainer
  • 4 blades injected acetate resin propeller
  • Stainless steel motor support frame

Aerators – Aquasub Aerator


Power cable

The aerator is delivered with a 20 meter cable.
As an option you can get lengths up to 80 meters depending on the motor power required.

Aerators – Aquasub Aerator





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Flobull 0,18kW
Flobull 0,37kW
Flobull 0,75kW
Flobull 1,5kW
Aquasub on float
Aquasub on stand
Aquasub 4kW

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