Well known by aquaculture professionals, the Flobull has remained the reference for over 50 years.
Very stable with its large polyethylene floater, it always keeps its position. Thanks to its simple design the maintenance is very easy. Its stainless steel grid and arms are corrosion resistant.
Despite their low power consumption of 180 W to 1500 W, Flobulls have a water circulation rate of 75 to 380 m3/h. The water oxygen input is 1,2 kg O2/h for a 1 HP Flobull (750 W).

Aerators – Flobull surface aerator

Product description

The water oxygenation ensures your fish to grow in the best conditions

The benefits of oxygenation :

– Increased pond capacity without changing the surface of the pond.
– Faster fish growth.
– Improved water quality.

Its process: the FLOBULL aerator projects a highly emulsified water jet into the air which benefits from maximum contact with the atmosphere. The oxygen in the air is thereby transferred to the water.
Note that the transfer of oxygen reestablishes the water’s gas balance (elimination of harmful gases). Another important advantage of this process is that it does not raise water temperature due to contact with the sometimes warmer atmosphere, it is balanced by cooling through evaporation.

A complete range from 0.18kW to 1.5kW

The Flobull range of 4 power ratings (0.18kW, 0.37kW, 0.75kW, 1.5kW) allows professionals to use this device in any situation related to the lack of oxygen in your ponds.

Whether for fish hatchery or TGT ponds, there will always be a Flobull model to suit you.

A machine designed for professionals

50 years of experience in manufacturing Flobulls makes the difference. Our equipment is easy to maintain.
A large stainless steel grid under the floater can easily be removed by hand using stainless steel clips.
A motor block that is also easy to change.
A device that is not affected by corrosion as it is entirely made of stainless steel in polyethylene.

Aerators – Flobull surface aerator


  • IP 56 motor
  • Engine cover
  • Projection cone
  • 4 blades injected acetate resin propeller
  • Rotomolded polyethylene float
  • Large stainless-steel grid spacing 11mm

Aerators – Flobull surface aerator



The aerator is delivered with a 20 meter cable.
As an option you can get lengths up to 80 meters depending on the motor power required.

Aerators – Flobull surface aerator


Aerators – Flobull surface aerator





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Flobull 0,18kW
Flobull 0,37kW
Flobull 0,75kW
Flobull 1,5kW
Aquasub on float
Aquasub on stand
Aquasub 4kW

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