up to 2,5kg

up to 25 tons/h

8″ camlock

HMT 12m

This is the ideal pump for sorting, loading or transferring your fish up to 1500 g maximum (salmonids). Pescamotion 40 fish pump allows you to safely transfer fish with an 8″ hose (Ø200 mm).
Its 316L stainless steel frame and its technical plastic rotor make it insensitive to corrosion.
Compact and handy, it can easily be moved with its 4 large wheels.

Fish pumps – Pescamotion 40 (8”)

Product description

High performances

Optimised by powerful digital simulation tools, the Pescamotion 40’s performance matches its exceptional design.
Available in 11kw power, it can transfert your fishes on 1000 meters lenght.
Its 15 m of TDH (total dynamic head) as 4m max. suction height & 11m discharge enable the pump to adap to a lot of situations.

Ultra-fast priming

We designed this pump to be easy, fast and efficient to start.
That’s why we equipped the Pescamotion 40 with a real liquid ring vacuum pump to fill the hose and the pump housing very quickly.
This stainless steel priming pump is very resistant.

Electrical box

The control box is easily accessible on the side of the pump.
It is very easy to use, but enables you to take full control of the pump. Only 2 buttons: on-off and a potentiometer are enough to operate the Pescamotion 40.


Designed to be easily handled by hand or by machines, the Pescamotion 40 can be :

– Pulled or pushed by hand thanks to the drawbar and its 2 handles.
– Towed by a tractor with the integrated loop at the draw bar extremity.
– Lifted or handled safely by a forklift truck thanks to its two fork positions.
– Lifted and handled with a crane thanks to its 4 lifting rings.

Fish pumps – Pescamotion 40 (8”)


  • Electrical box with speed variator
  • AISI 316L Stainless steel adjustable suction elbow (Ø 8 inch – 200 mm male camlock) intake pipe
  • Pump motor
  • AISI 316L Stainless steel pump housing
  • AISI 316L Stainless steel frame
  • AISI 316L stainless steel outlet valve
  • Fish pump outlet (Ø 8 inch – 200 mm male camlock)
  • Wheel
  • Hand break system
  • Forklift handle system

Fish pumps – Pescamotion 40 (8”)


The pump is supplied as standard with a suction cone.

Semi-transparent, flexible hoses are available as an option in 5 or 10 m lengths:

Ø 6″ (Ø 150 mm) hoses with male and female camlock assembled at each hose extremity.
Ref. : PP0603FM length. 5 m
Ref. : PP0604FM length. 10 m

Ø 8″ (Ø 200 mm) hoses with male and female camlock assembled at each hose extremity.
Ref. : PP0803FM length. 5 m
Ref. : PP0804FM length. 10 m

A 6″ reduction on the pump inlet and outlet helps you adapt to any working situation.
Ref. : PH061111

The dewatering hopper is an important element for the correct functioning of a fish pump.
In order to be efficient, the dewatering hopper requires a particularly well-thought-out design.
For this purpose, we have used numerical simulation.

The “Dewat 40” is suitable for the Pescamotion 40 or Pescavac 50 pump and the Helios 40 or 50 grader.
Ref. : TD0801

As an option, a compact, waterproof remote control is available.
With a working distance of 200 m outdoors, it permits a complete control of the pump.
Ref : PH00REM2

Fish pumps – Pescamotion 40 (8”)


Fish pumps – Pescamotion 40 (8”)




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PESCAVAC 50 (8″)

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PESCAMOTION 30- 50 FISHING (8″- 10″)

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PESCAVAC 50 (8")

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