5g – 800g

5g – 400g

3 channels

3 sizes

6 outlets

Speed, sorting precision, adaptability and easy handling.
The Helios 30 grader has been specially designed to meet the needs of medium-sized farms (from 5g up to 800g maximum on salmonids).
It is also well suited for saltwater operations.
The Helios 30 grader has earned a solid reputation for its high performance and reliability on many farms around the world.

Fish Graders – Fish grader Helios 30

Product description

3 grading channels

The quick solution for a careful work.
Its 3 sorting channels give it a high efficiency and a quick return on investment.
The 3 channels give you the performance you need for the most rigorous grading.

3 grading sizes and adjustable height

Your multi-talented partner. The Helios 30 grader can be adapted to all needs.
It is easily movable even on a damaged floor, thanks to its 3 large inflatable wheels.
2 stainless steel jacks placed at each extremity of the machine can be used to raise the grader by up to 35 cm if necessary and to adjust the inclination of the grading plane precisely in order to improve the precision of your sorting.

Size adjustment by sliding flaps

Our Helios 30 grader offers precise manual adjustment of each size’s width in the outlet hopper.
Large handles are used to slide a flap over a distance of about 30 centimetres and thus adjust the sorting precision without changing the vernier setting.
The Helios 30 grader is equipped with two sliding flaps to adjust the machine’s three sizes.

Entirely stainless steel AISI 316L construction

The Helios 30 grader is designed for use in both fresh and salt water.
All parts of the machine are entirely made of 316L stainless steel and polyester to ensure excellent corrosion resistance in marine environments and easy cleaning.

Adjustable precision vernier, for precise work

The settings make the machine easy to adjust. Maximum opening of 42mm.
Helios 30 graders are simply easy to handle and to adjust.

A specific technology for an accurate result

SPS (Soft Push System) technology provides a safe and efficient way to convey your fish through the channels.
SPS technology makes our graders the fastest and most efficient on the market.
SPS technology ensures that even fragile species such as sea bass, sea bream, etc. can be conveyed safely.

Sorting speed management

Our Helios 30 graders are as standard equipped with a control box with an integrated frequency converter.
This box is used to vary the speed of the pusher fingers in order to optimise the sorting of your fish.
The box also provides thermal protection for the electric motor that drives the pusher fingers.

The water circulation system

As the watering is a key factor in sorting without harming your fish, the Helios 30 has a complete water management system.
The sorting channels are permanently watered with perforated stainless steel ramps placed in the centre of each sorting channel. The water flow is adjustable by a valve. In the receiving hopper, each size has its own water supply, which can be adjusted by a valve.
This helps you to precisely adjust the volume of water provided in each outlet.

Fish Graders – Fish grader Helios 30


  • IP 55 geared motor and drive belt
  • Inlet hopper
  • Adjustable valve for water supply
  • Grading channels
  • Grading channel’s water ramp
  • Channel’s adjustment vernier (x2)
  • Receiving hopper
  • Fish outlets (each side of hopper)
  • AISI 316L stainless steel frame
  • Front lifting jack
  • Fish conveying fingers
  • Drawbar
  • Inflatable wheels

Fish Graders – Fish grader Helios 30


Packcontrol electrical box

This option considerably reduces the cables running to the floor.
Each item of equipment can be connected directly to this electrical box, which is attached to the grader.
The box allows to connect and control :

– 1 grader
– 2 water pumps
– 1 fish pump or lift
– 4 counters.

Switches on the front panel are used to start or stop each equipment separately.
Thermal protection devices ensure the protection of each equipment.
A differential switch guarantees staff protection.

– THC0024 supply voltage 3×342-525V 50/60Hz
– THC0022 supply voltage 3×164-264V 50/60Hz

Water pump for graders

A suitable water pump must be connected to the grader in order to sort the fish with optimum comfort.
We can offer you a stainless steel submersible pump to fit your machine.
This pump is equipped with a stainless steel strainer to prevent the fish from being sucked in, and is supplied with 2.5m of flexible hose and the appropriate connectors for the grader.


– TPOE30I6M5 pump flow rate 30m3/h power supply 1x230V 50Hz
– TPOE30I6T5 pump capacity 30m3/h supply voltage 3x400V 50Hz

– TPOHLINK50 5m flexible hose Ø50mm(2″) and storz coupling plus 90° stainless steel elbow to connect the pump to the grader

Fish Graders – Fish grader Helios 30


Fish Graders – Fish grader Helios 30





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HELIOS 10 & 100
HELIOS 20 & 25
HELIOS 30 & 300
HELIOS 40 & 400
HELIOS 50 & 500
HELIOS 60 & 600

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